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who touch and color the hours

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Melchior Gabor, for the last time… Did you write this?


Promotional photos for Spring Awakening at Phoenix Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.

Backstage Jonathan and Lea’s last Spring Awakening Performance (x)


spring awakening challenge  favorite wendla

lea michele

There’s a song in Spring Awakening for every single kid out there going through all of the issues of growing up. That’s why I’m most proud to be part of this show.

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the part in my junk in spring awakening where are the girls sing and dance around hanschen in a ring while he masturbates to the beat of the song with georg shoving his face into his piano teachers boobs in the background is probably the most beautiful scene in all of musical theatre

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele’s last performance of Spring Awakening .

May 18th 2008.


Jonathon Groff & Lea Michele - Walking in Space (Hair) / The Word of Your Body (Spring Awakening)

Brilliant mashup. What even.

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2014 Tumblr Tony Awards

Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff

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