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Mama who bore me

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I’m ready now. I’ll be an angel.

Chase Williamson as Moritz, Spring Awakening LA, 2012.

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Forgive me.

It was me. All me.

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff backstage at a Spring Awakening reunion (December 2, 2013)

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These are all from a backstage tour of the Spring Awakening 1st national tour, I took back in Feb. 2009 (I have never shared these photos)





A rare addition of an act two reprise of “Mama Who Bore Me” in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s production of Spring Awakening in Glasgow, Scotland

I wasn’t so sure of this production when I saw the photos but in video clips it is turning out to be fascinating. People who are sad about the cutting of “Anna’s Reprise” in the move to Broadway will be very interested in this.

holy shit this is incredible

I got chills the moment they went into the “some pray…” part, like for real I am stunned by this, it’s that good

Wow this has over 100 notes already. I TOLD YOU GUYS.

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Blue wind gets so lost

Blowing through the thick corn

Through the bales of hay;

Through the wandering clouds of the dust

Spring and summer

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Spring Awakening tour cast singing “A Comet On Its Way,” a song that was not used in the final production of the musical. This probably would’ve been where “Bitch of Living” is.


Spring Awakening Cut Songs Post

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